SOYER International Movers provides the best quality origin services for all customers by sea, air or land transportation.
Origin services include; premove survey, a written propasal, full overseas packing at residence, preparation of a packing list, route planning, documentation, loading into truck or container, transportation to the destination and delivery to the agent of SOYER at destination.

SOYER gives the origin services with the professional and qualifies personnel as using the finest quality materials. Special wooden crates can be tailor-made for particularly fragile items and marbles.

Transport will be by proper vehicles or through the worlds leading air and shipping lines. Whichever mode of transport is used you can be sure that it is the fastest, most appropriate and safest available.

SOYER can organize comprehensive insurance for all transportation on request.


SOYER first, welcomes the customer on telephone or at local office.

All necessary information are given to the client. The destination services include; customs clearance, transportation, delivery and unpacking at residence, setting up furniture and removal of debris.


Storage may be required at origin or destination. Goods may be stored short and long term. SOYER warehouses are sufficient and secure for storage of all household goods.


For the outbound and inbound shipments, there will be need some documents for customs formalities. Please contact us for these documents.

This Page is update on 10 June 2020

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